… going Sapporo/Hokkaido from Kanagawa via Fukushima (and Night-Ferry); it’s f*cking cold here in the North but also on main Island Honshu. (Almost) Nobody talks about problems at the Nuclear Plant Fukushima Dai’ichi but everybody knows about necessity of electric supply, especially in a harsh winter like this one. Japanese complain about rising prices for energy and trust in Prime Minister Abes planning to balance electric supply from different sources – one of them getting important again is nuclear power.

Life in Tokyo is challenged by heaviest snowstorm in years. More severe in the North; Hokkaido is very nice, good fish/food&nature but you definitely need a lot of hot Sake and Hot-Spring (; since the 1990s untill these very days, with little exceptions, people of Sapporo only know frozen weather every January – 冬が嫌い – I hate winter; Global Warming my Ass 😉

solar joke on Hokkaido

… bad joke on Hokkaido – Solar? WTF?

… Sapporo makes the best of it (Snow Festival) …

… but better to stay indoors, with heating out&inside – good Beer&Sake in Takikawa; or Sapporo: best Ramen at Kotetsu’s, very tasty hot Sake at Tsubohachi’s

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