Japan. Karaoke


Don’t go Karaoke – unless you’ve had plenty of Sake und enjoy at least nice Ladies singing 😉

… 1 day (and many cups of Sake) later, in an old neighborhood of Sapporo with Mayu and Kazoo (a musician, used to live in the U.S.A. and even played together with John Lee Hooker Jr.) … 🙂

… if you want to know about Japanese life, don’t go to a professional Karaoke store, come to a place like this one, its called „Izakaya“ and some of them having Karaoke equipment; people from the neighborhood gather at the counter, talk about everything, enjoy cheap meal home made, most bottles on the shelf have personal name plates (so people can enjoy their own bottle of spirit for a while), who ever likes to sing can start singing, if Karaoke equipment is available or not, no special entertainment, usually no TV-show running, no advertisement, just life 😉

(on Karaoke see also: https://t1p.de/q20a)

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