10 yrs Fukushima: Japanese desaster – German tragedy and a bunch of lies

10 years after the horrible Tohoku earthquake and the desaster at Fukushima Dai’ichi; the Germans, about 6000 miles away and performing the most panic reaction, still failing to turn their energies (Energiewende 😉 ). Important results are highest prices world wide for their electric energy and not much saving CO2 in this field. It was an old dream of their Green Party, now copied by other political parties in fishing for election votes but with no context in reality – that’s what nowadays some Germans, politicians and their Government characterize: living outside reality, being incompetent but showing off.

Here is reality – after decommissioning their nuclear plants, more energy coming from coal and gas, especially in their harsh winters and of course, always when no wind or solar power available, as it is very often the case in northern Europe. Nobody else copying the German foolishness, their neighbors still using nuclear plants (France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden) or even plan to built up new ones (Netherlands, Poland) and continue selling their electricity to the Germans for good money when needed (more&more). So, of course tax payers getting pissed off by the fact of paying billions for Nothing/Ideology (Anti-Nuclear-BS), but as a result, the guys responsible don’t change their policy, no, they resent and try to twist reality.

Fun fact: Chancelor Merkel, now responsible for their chaos in electric supply (Energiewende was just an impracticable blue-sky-idea but Merkel realized German Angst, and after Fukushima copied and modified – the Germans love unrealistic ideas), is holding a doctor of physics.

Fate is a fickle bitch who dotes on irony; but they can be helped, just to memorize facts, here they are again …

„The total number of people killed directly by nuclear radiation in Fukushima is zero. The total directly injured by radiation is also zero.“ (2016)

„From a global health perspective, the health risks directly related to radiation exposure are low in Japan and extremely low in neighbouring countries and the rest of the world […] Nevertheless, the highly-sensitive thyroid screening of those under 18 years old at the time of the accident is expected to detect a large number of thyroid cysts and solid nodules, including a number of thyroid cancers that would not have been detected without such intensive screening. Similar or even slightly higher rates of cysts and nodules were found in prefectures not affected by the nuclear accident. The substantial number of cases that have already been observed in the Fukushima Health Management Survey have been considered likely due to the sensitivity of the screening rather than to radiation exposure.“


.. even if some sources tell at least one guy had been too much exposed and hence died (but he suffered on lung cancer) …

„Most Japanese fisheries were unaffected by Fukushima, but coastal fisheries nearest the reactors remain closed because of concern over exposure by some species, particularly those that live on or near the seafloor. These are being tested on a regular basis against Japan’s limits for radiation in seafood (which are much more strict than U.S. regulations) and these contaminated fish are not being sold internally in Japan, nor are they being exported. There is currently no concern about the levels of cesium and other radionuclides in fish off the West Coast of the U.S., nor have there been at any time since 2011.“

„What is also true is that thousands of people were killed by the earthquake and tsunami in the neighbouring areas were in shops, offices, schools, at the airport, in the harbour and elsewhere. The stress of moving the population affected by the earthquake, the tsunami and later on by the destruction of the power plant to collection areas, induced heart attacks and other medical problems in many people. So people died because of this complicated situation and not directly because of the radiation that escape from the nuclear power plant. The total number of people killed directly by nuclear radiation in Fukushima is zero. The total directly injured by radiation is also zero. Private property was damaged first by the earthquake and later on by the tsunami. After these two natural events private property was also damaged by the radiation that escaped from the power plant.“


PS: Nuclear is in reliability, efficiency, use of environment and danger by far the best source to produce electricity …


PPS: Fukushima 50 may not be nominated for an art movie award 😉




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