Japan’s Plum Blossom – Ume no Hana 梅の花

Even in a time of crisis and threat of economic recession or virus like Corona and misinformation – this country here getting more beautiful than ever and buddhist serenity let go.

The early little sister of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is the Plum-Blossom in Japan. Spring is coming, but it’s still winter blues around the country. In our Shonan area close to Kamakura and the Pacific it’s getting more sunny. People enjoy surfing and fishing on the beach, preparing Ohinasama for the Girls Day Hina-Matsuri 雛祭りbeginning of March. We enjoy the sun, orange trees and lots of flowers while 50 miles away still quite cold, some prefectures having snow from Kyūshū in the south to Hokkaidō in the north and Fujisan looking down upon Honshū island in his immaculate beauty …

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